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Magical Pittsburgh Elopement

From apprehension to joy and wonder, this Pittsburgh elopement will forever be a spectacular memory.

The apprehension came as Pittsburgh also belonged to Taylor Swift and several other major events that night. However, we miraculously achieved perfect flow as we wandered the city with this power couple.

Married just the two of them and the officiant on Washington's Landing, the next few hours felt sacred to be part of. There's just something about an elopement that hits differently. Here is their most cherished day, shared only with their photographers. To be part of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, making memories and witnessing a most intimate moment.

Brandon and Emily have the most fantastic chemistry. You could tell this was it for them. They didn't need a posh party, only each other on their wedding day.

From there, we headed to the North Shore. Surprisingly, we were able to skirt traffic and Acrisure Stadium chaos. The Andy Warhal Bridge was shockingly empty and we were able to capture some iconic shots.

The entire night we were wowed by stunning light, beautifully taking B&E's connection to the next level. There may have been some intense giddiness by the photographers at our good fortune.

Brandon and Emily were so fun and easy-going as we explored. It's hard to imagine more of a smoke-show than these two. They seriously brought the heat and were a pleasure to direct.

From the Pittsburgh bridges we headed Downtown to the PPG Place. Though it was busy, we still created some masterpieces. The sun perfectly bounced off skyscraper windows to gleam through the fountains, as well as to direct light ideally through PPG building. We couldn't have timed it better!

Let's just spend a moment soaking in that light and pure sexiness. Like damn. Can we get a fan over here? And we still need the cooldown for the next chapter.

Of course these two needed a steamy elevator makeout, so the guard at the City-County building let us in to play. She even graciously held the door open so we could keep the fire going.

As a Pittsburgh wedding, we of course couldn't miss cake from Oakmont Bakery! As the sun had dipped down at this point, the courthouse steps provided fabulous ambience.

We capped off the night by popping one. Since these two were traveling to their next life chapter, we hit the top of the Greyhound Bus Station. An unexpectedly stunning view, the champagne pop ended up an epic spray and the best ending to this incredible night. Thank you so much Brandon and Emily for choosing us to be part of your fairytale!

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