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This is the one!This is how we vision all our weddings to flow, this is how much energy, life, and excitement we want to bring to such a special day. This was the most fun I have had behind a camera. Dante and Alexa were absolutely incredible to work with, they were so much fun, and we could tell how much they loved each other and their family. Molly and I looked forward to this wedding all summer, as we knew it was going to be so full of life and love. Every moment from planning, shooting the wedding, even to editing was a joy with these two. I could not have asked for better clients! All their friends, family, and wedding party were so fluid with the day and were down for anything. Weddings as fun as this one don't come around often, but when they do you'll never forget them. Molly and I wish Dante and Alexa the best in their life and love together from now until they take their last breathes. May God bless their marriage and make it fruitful!


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Joe and Deepa were so incredibly kind hearted and welcoming. I felt as though they were working for me and serving me on their own wedding day. It was the greatest pleasure to capture the most important day of their lives and was an honor to be next to them as they tied the knot. These two exude a gentle and Godly heart and should be a model for other couples wishing to join in union under the cover of our Lord. We wish them the best in all they do!

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Shannon and Chad exude kindness. They surround everyone around them in love and graciousness.

It was truly an honor to be included in their day. Especially in the room as they privately read each other heartfelt vows.

The sweetest moment came as Molly and I ate dinner. Shannon came over and asked if she could get us anything. Nope! This day is about you, beautiful soul. 



Once again, I had the incredible opportunity to work with another sweet and loving family. The Weiss and Hansell Families were so inviting and so kind from start to finish. They made the wedding day not just enjoyable for themselves and their guests but also for the vendors they hired. I had so much fun filming Emily and Dave's wedding and would do it for them a million times over. We wish Dave, Emily, and Calvin the very best in the future and hope to work with their family again one day!

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Abby and Sam Nelson! Married at last! This couple was amazing and so much fun to work with. I'm thankful to have been part of their special day and blessed I had the ability to document it! May their marriage flourish under the direction of the Lord and may they be guided in all the days of their lives.

Filming the love of two people has become so amazing to see. It's encouraging to see God's love through people like Sam and Abby! I hope you guys love the video!


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